How to Foster


Foster homes are the core component of any rescue organizations successful work. By fostering for PCSDR, YOU will be saving a dog’s life!!!

PCSDR doesn’t have a facility or boarding space, so we rely solely on foster homes to provide a safe and stable temporary home to help get our dogs ready for adoption. It’s fun and the more people who open their homes for fostering, the more dogs we can save. It’s a rewarding way to give to our organization and it’s a critical part of what we do at PCSDR. Opening up your home and heart to foster a dog, even for a short time in an emergency helps us save more lives.

Consider fostering for PCSDR. The rewards will surprise you. Being a foster parent is just like caring for your own animal. You’ll be responsible for the basic care of your foster dog and giving him/her the love, exercise and attention they all desperately need. PCSDR will take care of the medical expenses and we make all arrangements for vetting. If you elect to take a foster dog to your vet without our approval, we cannot be responsible for your vet bill.
We ask if you can take your foster dog to our vet, at your connivance. You will be asked to assist with meet and greets for your foster dog and introduce your foster to people who are interested in adopting. Other foster obligation includes administering medications provided by us. Communicating any behavior or medical problems to us immediately is required so we can attend to problems and address before they become serious. The length of time a foster dog spends in a foster home varies but we can give you a better estimate once you select your foster dog.

If along the line, the foster parent is unable to care for their foster dog properly, please notify us and we’ll do our best to move your foster dog into another available foster home. Please give us several days, at least 5, to make these arrangements, as foster homes are difficult to juggle. All PCSDR foster dogs remain the property of PCSDR and can’t be adopted, sold, surrendered to a shelter or abandoned or given to anybody else as they belong to PCSDR only. The foster parents understand that PCSDR has the right to remove a foster dog from a foster home at any time.

If interested in fostering for PCSDR, please contact PattyO at